Tips On How You Can Be A Great Actor


We are all allowed to dream so dream big! Becoming a famous actor might seem to be a fantasy but it can turn into a reality. All of the famous stars you know today came from nothing. They started without a name but since they dared to dream, their names are marked in the walk of fame. We don’t want to take out the theater from the picture so here ‘s a little trivia for you. Did you know that some biggest names in Hollywood came from theaters?

Be Teachable

We don’t expect that you can pick things right away. We handled countless of talents and they all went through the beginners stage. What separates the best actors from the mediocre ones is their ability to learn from their mistakes. Being teachable is a personality you should develop if you really are serious about acting.

 Memorize Your Lines Even If You Have To Repeat It A Hundred Times

Delivering your lines becomes natural when you memorized them too well. It’s okay to overly do it. In stage plays where everything is real time and live, you’d rather be over prepared. One of the techniques to memorize long lines easily is to learn how your character thinks. Remember the reasons why your character said those lines.

Don’t Be Intimidated

As a beginner you will have seniors just like in high school. Don’t get intimidated by them because once you are on the stage, there is no senior or junior anymore. You are all equal. You work on the same goal, to give the audience the best play of their life. You and crew will wait for that standing ovation. That’s our goal.

Warm Up

Just like in exercising, you have to warm up to get ready for the play. Move your face muscles and modulate your voice. Jump around and stretch a bit to waken up your game face mode.

Treat Rehearsals and Audition The Same

You don’t have the luxury to be lame in rehearsals. Give your best in every rehearsals just like what you did in audition that put you on that role. The reason why we don’t tolerate lame rehearsals is because that energy is contagious. When you’re fired up, you share the same energy to the rest of the crew. And taking rehearsals seriously will prepare you for the real thing.

Have Fun And Enjoy The Journey

Becoming an actor is a wonderful journey. Enjoy every pieces of it. Don’t waste your time with worries, just give your best and acting will love you back. Don’t hesitate to give your all. Acting is one of the most enjoyable job, take the privilege and have fun.