Reminiscing History

ancient greece

Ancient Greece

Acting started in Ancient Greece. History teaches us the Greece is home of daring art, acting is one of them. Because of the entertainment it brings, it became famous. As it gains popularity more theater houses were built.

16th Century

16th century was the high light of acting, thanks to Shakespeare. He spiced things up with his famous lines and tragic love stories. More people got hooked to acting until it became one of the most profitable business in 16th century.

20th Century

In 20th century, stage plays slowly die. New style of acting emerged, actors were directed to act naturally. The declamatory style of acting went out of style. Stanislavski method and  Lee Strasberg were introduced. In fact, these are the styles our actors still follow today.

Modern Acting

As modernization affects every aspect of our life, acting was also impacted. Academy awards was brought into the picture. Theaters turned into cinema houses. Hollywood is making millions a movie, that’s how big it is. But let us remember that all these luxury we have today when it comes to entertainment came from stage plays where actors act live.

Let’s Not Forget Our Past

Theater has still something special to offer you that you will not find watching digital movies. If you haven’t been in a theater, visit one. Get to know the actors and ask why their passion for acting didn’t dissipate. Help us revive theater. Don’t forget the past.