NCTSF is formed not only to present high-quality plays but also give enlightenment to the society. We are audacious in our mission and set goals that are bigger than us. We believe that the power of expectation will bring the resources we need in completing our mission.

Find New Talents

Everyone received gifts from heaven. We have talents waiting to shine within us. Our mission is to find new talents and mold them into the best they can be. The problem with the society today is we neglect the abundant talents around us. Acting may not be a profitable career but it is one of the most rewarding career one could choose.

Save The Youth

Our youths need our attention. NCTSF will not only help them mold their talent in acting but also will introduce them to a second family who will accept them for who they are. Our organization believes that once emotional needs are met, a person could grow into a better citizen.

Reintroduce The Classic Entertainment

Going to a play is more than just watching a movie. Witnessing the whole act takes entertainment to the next level. Theater or stage play has been around for generations. We will not let the modern world take it away from us.

Improve Facilities

We our growing in numbers and we need a better facility. We are thinking of completing 5 theater set up such as: Thrust theatre, Flexible theatre, Proscenium stage, Profile Theatres, and Arena Theatre. Completing all these theater types will require millions of dollars, but we already established that we are audacious when it comes to setting goal.