How to be a Great Pool Owner


There are three Cs you have to know if you want to be a great pool owner, and these three words are all about maintenance. So, let’s skip the lengthy introduction and start right away!

Circulation of water


Having a proper pool water circulation is crucial. Good flow can keep your pool away from the nasty stuff that algae and cloudy water bring. And besides, who would want to swim in green, murky water?

To make sure you have the correct circulation of water, check your pump and filter. Their smooth operation will tell you that the pool water is in excellent condition. The longer they run, the better the circulation. However, not all of us can afford to run a filter and pump for 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you truly want to save money, invest in a variable speed pump. With this kind, you can run it for 24/7 without having to spend a lot as when you use a standard pump.



Dirty pool water is disgusting. And if your pool is, chances are people will also see you as a person who doesn’t value hygiene. A great pool owner knows how and when to clean his pool. The perfect thing to do is to use an automatic pool cleaner when cleaning. These machines are tailored to make the process easier for you while leaving your pool spotless. learn more


pool-chemicalLastly, a responsible pool owner knows how to balance pool chemicals the right way. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a difficult topic at all. Your pool’s chemical balance is made up of:

  • pH (acidity/alkalinity level) = 68%
  • total alkalinity (TA) = 16%
  • calcium hardness = 16%

Be sure to monitor your pH and chlorine levels once a week or every day if you use it often. The calcium hardness and total alkalinity should be monitored less often. To help you with this last C, get yourself a testing kit so you can test your water first before adding any chemical.

And that’s it! Just remember these three Cs, and you’ll be a great pool owner!