Going the Extra Mile



Doing the best you can and then some in every situation may seem like a tiring way to live. But going the extra mile is not as difficult as some people might believe. The pursuit of excellence is a trait everyone can learn. And with clear focus and vision, the mindset of going the extra mile every single time can be life-changing.

Create or clarify your vision. Set aside time every year or as often as you want to reflect on your vision and see if it is still aligned with your goals in life. Do not edit yourself during the process. Let the thoughts and ideas flow and take it from there.

Align and focus. Visualize your goals and how you see yourself in the near or distant future. Imagine yourself in six months, five years, or in a decade. Find that vision or image in your mind that compels you to work on the things you need to accomplish to make it a reality.

Make room for flexibility. As a popular adage says, nothing is set in stone. You have to make room for flexibility so you can adjust as quickly as you can when the time or situation calls for it. Expect that your life goals may change over time. The sooner you accept it, the easier you can adapt to the unexpected that may affect your vision or long-term goals.

Design a lifestyle that is in line with your vision. Building a lifestyle that supports your goals allow you to focus on the things you need to do. A clear vision can serve as a guide when you have to make decisions in life.