CSGO Trade Up Contract: What You Ought to Know


Want to be great at CS:GO Trading? Know about Trade Up Contracts first!

What is this contract?


Formerly known as the Arms Deal Contract, it’s a tool that can be accessed from a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player’s inventory. It allows players to trade 10 normal weapon skins or 10 Stat-Trak skins of the similar grade from any collection with a new skin that’s under the next highest grade tier. Note that the skins are randomly chosen from one of the available collections.

How does it work?

To trade, a player has to open a contract and choose 10 skins. After which, a contract screen will appear, displaying the form number, name of the player, the rank, date, and a confirmation that 10 skins are selected for trade. A prompt for the player to sign will also show up.

Traders can sign anywhere and anything on the contract using their ol’ reliable mouse. If in case a player no longer wants to trade, he can still cancel the trade before clicking the final “Submit Contract” button. Filling out the contract will be hassle-free because the contract will fill out itself. Talk about convenience, right? Anyway, after signing the contract, an approved stamp will appear on the contract, and the player will be rewarded with a skin.


As long as the skins are in the same tier, you are allowed to mix weapons from different collections.

You’ll most probably get the following grade qualities:

Covert – Red (ancient)

Classified – Pink (legendary)

Restricted – Purple (mythical)

Mil-Spec – Darker blue (rare)

Industrial – Light blue (uncommon)

However, some weapons cannot be traded up, such as knives, souvenir weapon skins, ancient or red-colored weapon skins, immortal or light brown skins (they were discontinued), and skins from a collection grade that has no next highest grade skin available including mixing collections. For example, the Tec-9 Ossified skin is a rare skin (meaning it has a mil-spec grade), but it can’t be utilized in the Trade Up Contract as it is the highest tier skin that’s obtainable in the Aztec Collection.


Note: Remember that you can’t choose what you’ll receive since the skins are selected at random. Therefore, it’s best to be sure you’re ready to receive anything before signing a Trade Up Contract.


If you need more information about trading, you can visit CStrading. They have all the answers to the questions you might have in mind.


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