Bring The Theater Back


The Scary Truth

Since the media has evolved to digital, less people patronize stage plays. Theaters in different parts of the world reluctantly shut down because plays are no longer that profitable compared to the old glorious days.

Attempt To Bring Theater Back To Life

Yes we resist giving up theater. We believe that there are still classic lovers out there would be willing to support our cause. In fact, the attempt to bring theater back to life is already happening.

Entrepreneurs bring old Melba Theater back to life in downtown 

Hidden Door Festival: help bring Leith Theatre back to life!

Actors hope to bring community theater back to EG with performances

Why We Love Stage Plays

Loving Stage Plays doesn’t mean we hate watching digital. We love it too. It’s just that stage plays offer some special touch. It is more personal. It is more real. We treat it as a kind of art that should be preserved. We saw how many lives transformed as they decided to act. We don’t want to erase those memories from our hearts. We want more lives to be touched and changed.

How You Can Help

We accept donations but we urge you more to help us send our message across. Make a tweet about bringing theater back to life. Twitter subscribers has been responsive with our request. It will help if you help us make a tweet about our cause.