Be Better at Rules of Survival

rules of survival

Rules of Survival is one of the most popular video games today because of the challenge you have to face and the thrill attached to the game. In Rules of Survival, you have to be the last man standing to win.

If you’re not a player yet, read the benefits of the game below.


  • rules of survival targetIt is an entertaining 3D and HD game.
  • It can help you realize how valuable and short your life is.
  • It trains your brain to evaluate the situation first before reacting.
  • It makes you more alert.
  • It can enhance your decision-making abilities.
  • It trains your reflexes to respond quickly.
  • It is an excellent mental workout that enables you to remember effective strategies.
  • It improves your ability to be resourceful.
  • It betters your problem-solving skills.
  • It enhances your hand-eye coordination.
  • It can be played alone.
  • It can also be played with a group of friends.
  • You can play anytime you want.
  • You can meet new people.


rules of survival free coinsThe only disadvantage about the game is that the currencies aren’t unlimited and you’ll have to collect a lot to upgrade or buy new stuff. However, this can be solved with a Rules of Survival Hack. You’ll know that a hack is genuine if it’s easy to use, straightforward, online (not requiring downloads), and if it drip-feeds the resources into your account. Needless to say, using a hack can make you become a great Rules of Survival player. A hack can supply unlimited coins so that you can have all the money you need to get better gears. Besides, a hack prevents you from spending real money on upgrades and purchases.

Be Better

To be a great player, you should also remember these two tips:

  • Keep moving – Don’t just stand there. Move somewhere and do something! Standing still for a long time is a bad idea in this game. Doing so is like telling other players that you’re free to be killed. Don’t let your opponents know that you’re doing nothing; don’t give them the opportunity to kill you. Also, remember to bend down or crawl when passing through tall grass. Keep moving and remember to collect useful weapons or other stuff along the way.

rules of survival

  • Be wise – If you know you’ll have zero chance of surviving a fight with an enemy, be smart enough to run away. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you’re a coward, you merely have to be the last man standing. That person can be killed by someone anyway, so just look for a powerful weapon first before facing that opponent again. On the other hand, if you know you can handle a fight, don’t run away from it. Be courageous and trust your weapon and fighting skills.

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